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Meet Uncle Bruno
Growing up in the neighborhood there was a mild mannered man named Bruno, the closest to him knew him as “Uncle Bruno”. His reputation as a boxer during his youth was of a fierce and  uncompromising fighter, his fists were legendary. The only other thing as ferocious as his reputation in the ring was his appetite for particular fine foods, especially hoagies.

On Saturday afternoon’s we would visit his back door after he would return from the Italian Market. He welcomed us into his kitchen as his own, only the finest cappicola, provolone, prosciutto along with the freshest bread, peppers and produce could be used, as he used to say “Only the best for my friends”. These components were all meticulously sliced and laid on a roll, (with only Olive Oil, not to mask the flavor) and finished off with an accurate slice across the middle.

As we sat on the porch and ate, oil dripping down our little chins, riveted to stories of the depression, boxing ring and the history of the neighborhood. We were constantly reminded that all people are in the same boat, “truth and hard work is all that you will need to get through life”, but sharing with friends over food is the finest pleasure for any person at a days end. So here we are today, many things have changed, but many have not. What have not changed are my memories or wisdom that was parted from “Uncle Bruno”. 

Welcome to Bruno’s and share in the friendship and sandwiches, We know he would be happy to pull up a chair and “mangia”, with you “our friends”.
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